Walking on Ice

Ms. Callaghan’s Classroom

Jil Callaghan is a 6th grade science teacher at Houck Middle School in Salem, Oregon. She is posting blogs for her students while aboard the Research Vessel Sikuliaq as part of a teacher at sea program through Oregon State University. 

As the timing of our science projects got shifted from encountering ice and equipment that didn’t always perform as expected, we ended up with time to allow a side trip to go and walk around on a piece of sea ice.  We had fun but there was science too; we collected ice samples to look at any possible sediment the ice may have trapped as it was formed. We also collected water from underneath the ice that will be studied for what type of organisms are living there.

small boat to ice.jpg
A few of the crew went out to test the piece of ice to make sure that it could hold our weight and to place flags on the ice as a safety perimeter – don’t go closer to the edge!
ice sample.jpg
A hole was cut through the ice, then a bottle was lowered down to take a water sample by Miguel Goni and Laurie Juranek from Oregon State University as Ethan and Kylie watch.
Jil Snow Angel.jpg
I had fun making a snow angel.  You can see one of the safety flags in the background.
Jil and Bear Tracks.jpg
There were some polar bear tracks on the ice – you can see how large they are compared to my hand!
Snowball fight.jpg
We had to have a snowball fight..I am being a target for Katie …she got me twice!  The trench in between us is where the 2 pieces of ice froze or “rafted” together to make one larger piece.
J,K,S,MK with Ship3.jpg
The Sikuliaq in the background; you can also see the trench where the pieces rafted.  From left to right: me, Katie, Selina, and Mary Kate.   We are floating on ice in the arctic!

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